Easter is another busy time of year full of feasts, gatherings and entertaining! But don’t worry – we’ve got your healthy easter recipes covered! From raw chocolate eggs & spelt hot cross buns, to nutritious sides & salads, and more!  Take a look through our collection of a few delicious and  healthy ideas to help you cater for friends, family & guests over the Easter period:

Kale Ricotta Tart Recipe


Fill up the feasting table with a tasty and healthy range of options to get everyone feeling full and satisfied!


Apple Cranberry Muesli Bake RecipeBREAKFAST & BAKED GOODS

Baked goodness…including 3 different recipes for Hot Cross Buns!



What kind of Easter is complete without a bit of chocolate?! Except you can go without the refined sugar and added nasties when using these “raw”/no-bake chocolate recipes…



A few yummy little numbers to tie you over in-between meals or before the main feast!

Don’t forget to pop over to our online organic store for all your ingredients: www.goodness.com.au

Happy Easter




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Non-Dairy Alternative Milks

There’s no question that non-dairy milks, ie. plant-based or “alternative” milks, are up on the rise! Whether it be for dietary requirements, health properties, ethical reasons and/or taste preference, alternative options to dairy milk are becoming increasingly more and more popular in both homes as well as cafes.

Non-dairy milks certainly bring a particular difference to your coffee experience, in both taste as well as texture. For those who have trouble in knowing what’s what, or who simply need help in the decision to make the switch, our great friends at Sacred Grounds have conducted an in-house test using three different alternative milk options with their delicious organic coffee!

The Sacred Grounds team selected three of the most popular non-dairy milks in the market to assess:

…their results are below…



Pure Harvest Soy Milk

Taste Profile
Slightly sweet and nutty

Health Benefits
Soy is a great option for those wishing to avoid dairy and nuts, it also contains protein levels that are almost on par with regular milk. The Pureharvest Soy Milk is organic with no added sugars, pesticides or preservatives and is gluten-free.

Using with Coffee
Steaming soy milk can be hard but not impossible. It’s the most commonly served alternative milk in Australian cafes, so if your local barista can master soy, so can you!

Before use, always make sure to shake bottle well.




Milk Frothing

When steaming the milk, place the steam arm off centre and with the nozzle just below the surface so that you hear a slurping noise. If you hear a loud pitched scream then your nozzle isn’t getting enough air. It’s important to hold this position firmly while frothing the milk. This will help achieve a thick creamy texture.

Be careful not to overheat the milk as it will cause the soy milk to separate. Bang the jug on the counter a few times after frothing to help flatten out any bubbles.





Pure Harvest Organic Almond Milk

Taste Profile
Slightly sweet, nutty

Health Properties
Almonds naturally contain vitamin E & B, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper, zinc, and healthy fats.  Like soy, the Pureharvest Almond Milk is organic with no added sugars, pesticides or preservatives and is gluten-free. This one in particular is made from activated almonds.

Using with Coffee
Almond milk is quickly rising in popularity throughout the coffee world as an alternative to soy. Out of the three milks, we found that this almond milk textured the most similarly to milk; meaning that we were able to get some good latte art to form.

Before use, always make sure to shake bottle well. Similarly to soy milk, you have to be careful not to overheat Almond milk as it can separate. Bang the jug on the counter a few times after frothing to help flatten out any bubbles.



Pure Harvest Coco Quench Coconut Milk

Taste Profile
Subtle coconut flavour, rich, slightly sweet and creamy

Health Properties
Coco Quench is made from a delicious balance of organic coconut milk and rice milk. Coconut milk is high in lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid that is easily absorbed and used by the body for energy. The fats from coconut milk complement the sweetness of rice milk, while the complex carbohydrates in brown rice reduce the richness and high saturated fat that is typical of pure coconut milk. The Pureharvest Coco Quench, is organic and is gluten, cholesterol and lactose-free.

Using with Coffee
While coconut milk is the least commonly found alternative milk in your local café, that doesn’t make this any less favourable.  In fact, out of the three milks, we found the coconut milk to be the creamiest.

Before use, always make sure to shake bottle well. When steaming, try to get as much air as you can in first 5 – 15 seconds. This will help to froth up the coconut milk to get a thick creamy texture. Pound the jug on the counter after frothing to flatten out any bubbles.


>> SHOP NOW <<

Non Dairy Alternative Milks

All 3 Pure Harvest milks + more are available to purchase online here.

Sacred Grounds Organic Coffee

Shop Sacred Grounds Organic Coffee


A special thanks goes to Sacred Grounds for this blog post! Visit their website here: http://sacredgroundsorganic.com/

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Pancake Day 2016

Every day is a great day to eat pancakes.

But there is one day in the year that surpasses them all, PANCAKE DAY! (or Shrove Tuesday as it is more traditionally known.)

Shrove Tuesday might not appear big on the holiday calendar but for over 1000 years people have been making, eating, and even racing through the streets with pancakes, to celebrate the last day before the beginning of Lent. This year, Pancake Day lands on Tuesday, 9th February 2016.

Why pancakes?  Well, of course they are delicious, and what better food for a feast than a huge pile of hot golden pancakes?  But the real reason behind the tradition is that Shrove Tuesday was the last chance for households to use up all the perishables in the larder before the 40 days of Lenten fasting in the lead up to Easter.

Turns out, pancakes were the perfect dish to use up all the eggs, fat and milk.  And so lucky us, PANCAKE DAY was born.

Now we might not all be about to embark on a 40 day period of fasting and penance, but we can take the chance to take stock of our lives and to nod politely to traditions of the past by EATING PANCAKES!

Who doesn’t love a holiday that gives you an excuse to eat one of your favourite foods? (Easter anyone?)

Now we want to make the most of this pancakefest, so what is the best way to eat them?

Do you like them the more traditional way – thin crepe-like pancakes squirted with lemon juice and sprinkled with sugar?  Or do you prefer them American style -fluffy and dripping with maple syrup?  There are so many different toppings, flavours and add-ins to choose from.  Get creative and have some fun.

In the Bare Bunny kitchen we have tried a lot of different ways to eat pancakes and our favourite pancake recipe is, hands down pancakes with banana and chocolate chips…. Or was it the pancakes with the cinnamon swirl?  Both so yummy it is hard to decide.

Here are both the recipes, so you can decide for yourself.  (for these recipes and more visit www.barebunny.com.au)


Bare Bunny Choc Chip Pancakes



  1. Mix together the milk, egg and banana in a bowl
  2. Add the pancake mix and gently stir until just combined
  3. Carefully stir in the chocolate chips, and you are ready to go
  4. Heat a pan over medium heat and lightly grease with butter or oil
  5. Dollop spoonfuls of batter in the pan to make pancakes of desired size
  6. Leave to cook for 1-2 minutes until they begin to bubble and the underside becomes golden
  7. Gently flip and cook for another minute
  8. Devour!

Bare Bunny Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes


For pancakes

for Cinnamon swirl:


  1. First make the cinnamon swirl mix by combining the butter/oil, sugar and cinnamon. Place in a small zip lock bag ready to pipe and set aside
  2. Thoroughly mix the egg and milk in a bowl.
  3. Add the pancake mix and stir gently until combined
  4. Heat a frying pan over medium heat and lightly grease.
  5. Spoon pancake batter into pan
  6. Snip the corner of the ziplock bag containing the cinnamon mixture and make a swirling pattern on the top of the pancake
  7. Cook for 1-2 minutes until the pancake begins to bubble and pop
  8. Flip the pancake gently and cook for a minute or so more
  9. Turn the pancake out onto a plate
  10. Eat… I can’t tell you how good these are!

Bare Bunny Pancake Mix

BUY Bare Bunny Organic Pancake Mixes @ 10% OFF for Pancake Day! >> http://www.goodness.com.au/shop/Featured/



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For many families it’s almost time for the kids to go back to school for their fresh new start for the year! Now is a great opportunity to start getting organised with healthy food ideas and options to fill up their lunch boxes. Team Goodness knows how important it is to give them quality energy that keeps them going through their busy little days!

We’ve got a great collection of ingredients, snacks and wholefood recipes to help you organise healthy yet super tasty eating habits at school, as well as after school!


There’s a huge variety of DRIED FRUIT, NUTS & SEEDS to choose from and stock up with at home. Plus, there are no rules to follow when creating your own homemade trail mix – just add in or leave out anything you like!

  • Our range of Organic Dried Fruit contains NO sulphur, additives or preservatives. Natural sugar means they can still get a little sweet fix for the day.
  • Organic & Natural Nuts are great sources of essential nutrients for the kids, such as protein, B vitamins, iron, vitamin E and healthy unsaturated fats. Yes, although some kids are highly allergic and parents must be very conscious of this  - we still love nuts and think they’re great for at-home snacks!
  • Organic & Natural Seeds are high in fibre, vitamin E and a good source of protein and minerals. Seeds are a safer options for school environments (due to nut restrictions from allergies).

A few of our favourite goodness ingredients for kids include:



Alongside their fresh fruit, yoghurt tubs and wholemeal sandwiches, below are some of our stand-out, EASY, healthy recipes that are perfect for school lunchbox ideas or after school snacks!

Spinach, Zucchini & Bacon Muffins - Grain/nut/gluten free savoury snack

Spinach Zucchini & Bacon Muffins

Seed Crackers – via I Quit Sugar – Nut/Gluten-free

Super Powerballs – Nut-free and full of goodness

Easy Coconut Cookies - Grain, nut, gluten & refined sugar free – yum!

Paleo Chocolate Crackles – by The Merrymaker Sisters – Nut free treat!

Raw Stars – Cute, tasty, high in fibre & nutrient dense

Coconut Berry Bars – Healthy, dairy-free alternative to yoghurt muesli bars

Sweet Potato Brownies – Nut, gluten and dairy free treat (for when they’ve been good!)

Rasberry, Lime & Coconutty Smoothie - prepare it for breakfast or afternoon tea!

Crunchy Cashew Caramel Chew - a delicious wholefood treat!


For MORE KIDS IDEAS head to:

Healthy Nut-Free Kids Snack Recipes – Merrymaker Sisters

Lunch Box Solutions (mini cookbook) – Cut Out the Crap

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Real Food Summer Competition

To celebrate the goodness of Summer, we have an exciting Social Media Competition for you!! For your chance to WIN this amazing Real Food Summer Pack simply share your FAVOURITE “Real Food” Summer recipe on Facebook or Instagram!

TO ENTER follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. LIKEHonest to Goodness – Organic & Natural Food” on Facebook – OR – follow @teamgoodness on Instagram (if you haven’t already!!).
  2. POST a great new photo of your own “Real Food Summer” creation on Facebook OR Instagram including the recipe if you can!  (tip: make your Instagram profile public so we can see your entry!).
  3. TAG “Honest to Goodness – Organic & Natural Food” (for Facebook entries) OR tag @teamgoodness (for Instagram entries).
  4. HASHTAG #realfoodsummer #honesttogoodness in your post.


Our FAVOURITE 10 recipes will be featured on our Organic Recipes page on the Honest to Goodness website, and the BEST RECIPE / LUCKY WINNER will receive this amazing Real Food Summer Pack! (Featured above).

Entries close Midnight, Sunday 24th January 2016. Prize Winner will be announced on Social Media on Monday 25th January 2016 and in our end of month email newsletter. *Australia entries only.*

The prize pack is valued at over $120 RRP and includes Organic Chia Seeds 250g, Organic Coconut Oil Purified Deodorised 500mL, Organic Maqui Powder 50g, Organic Hulled Buckwheat 500g, Organic Coconut Flakes 125g, Organic Coconut Milk 400mL, Organic Brown Rice Syrup 500g, “Not Just A” Nut Milk Bag, Organic Cherry Tomatoes 400g, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 500mL, Planet Organic Detox Tea, NEW Organic Gluten-Free Pancake Mix, NEW Organic Pizza & Flatbread Mix AND a copy of Angie Cowan (Angie Gluten Free)’s beautiful latest cookbook “LOVE LIFE GLUTEN FREE”!


Here’s some inspiration to get you started…but we can’t wait to see YOUR creations!!

Summer Creations


Don’t have social media? You can still email us your recipe + lovely photo to enter the competition > info@goodness.com.au.






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We all know that the arrival of the festive season means that our days are quickly filled up with special gatherings, feasts and fun occasions with friends and family. This year, you may have been nominated to host a dinner on Christmas eve or lunch for the extended family?! Whilst for some of us this idea sounds like a great opportunity to show off your creative foodie flair, for others it can seem like a daunting task – especially if your cousin’s partner is attending, who is lactose intolerant, eats gluten-free AND has recently quit sugar! However preparing delicious meals for all sorts of dietary requirements doesn’t have to seem so limiting. Once you have a fair understanding of the options, it can be an exciting challenge that urges you to try something new…and healthy too! So let’s get into the easy Christmas recipes and ingredient options for your special guests that will leave them feeling happy, full and satisfied!


Grain Free Christmas GranolaIf you’re not that familiar, paleo basically means cutting out grains, legumes, dairy, processed sugar…or processed anything really! Don’t worry, this isn’t as hard as you think – this your chance to keep it relatively simple using pure, real ingredients – ie. MEAT AND VEG! Cooking with meat and vegetables should be a breeze, but doesn’t have to be boring either, experiment with a variety of herbs and spices to add flavour to your dishes. Snacks such as nuts and vege sticks with home-made dip are perfect (try this Spicy Pumpkin dip), or make a delicious breakfast featuring this Grain Free Granola from Live Love Nourish (which also makes a fantastic edible gift!) or even finish off dinner with this yummy Paleo Christmas Cake!

To give you an extra hand, here’s a few healthy, paleo friendly ingredient substitutions…

Also head to the Merrymaker Sisters site for many more paleo-inspired recipe ideas!


Roast Turkey with Incaberry and Macadamia StuffingSaying NO to gluten (traditionally found in bread, pasta, cakes, pastries, etc.) simply means a whole lot of YES’s elsewhere! Instead you can say hello to quinoabuckwheatmillet and amaranth! How about serving the breakfast table with these divine Buckwheat Pancakes or make them quick with our new Gluten Free Pancake Mix.  Fill up your cheeseboard with Seed Crackers, and enjoy a sweet biscuit treat with gluten-free Cinnamon Cookies. Then move on to create an impressive looking Roast Turkey with Incaberry & Macadamia Stuffing as your main dish! Plus, so many of our salad recipes make great side dishes that are also gluten-free – try out a bright and colourful Superfood Salad or Gluten Free Tabouleh.


Chocolate Mousse Tart with RaspberriesStaying away from meat (vegetarian) or animal products altogether (vegan) is a great opportunity to make friends with salad! No Aussie Christmas meal is complete without the vibrant colours of a beautiful summer salad – check out Ascension Kitchen’s gorgeous Rainbow Goji Salad. For a heartier dish, why not try Vegan Rice Balls? Then….everyone make room for the vegan dessert table!! Vegan desserts (which are consequently dairy-free) are currently right in the forefront of the healthy wholefood world, so there are so many possibilities out there! Try one of our stunning recipe favourites No-Bake Choc Peppermint Slice, or Chocolate Mousse Tart with Rasberries OR Raw Tiramisu! Amazing!

PS! Why not try making your own dairy-free milk for the breakfast table using our Nut Milk Bags? Give it a Christmas twist by adding sweet spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves), vanilla bean or even coffee for some tasty flavour options!


Raw Pina Colada Cake

Raw dishes are great additions to any Christmas spread. Raw means they are packed with living nutrients just waiting to boost our energy, as well as being so fresh and so clean. This Raw Beetroot & Arame Salad would give a great pop of colour to the meal table, or perhaps Raw Vegan Burgers would be an interesting option to try too!  To finish, how about a delicious Raw Cacao Slice that everyone will love, or Lola Berry’s Raw Pina Colada Cake featured here!


Chicken and Canellini Bean SaladAt Honest to Goodness we are pretty serious about our love for nuts, however we still appreciate some nut free days too. We’ve got a Nut-Free Toasted Muesli recipe for breakfast occasions, or for lunch you could whip up a fresh Chickpea Tabouli or Chicken & Cannellini Salad. And something healthy for the sweet sweet that is also nut-free, whip up a quick batch of easy Raw Orange Chocolate or a lovely Berry Trifle.


This time of year can be very naughty when you factor in the sugar volumes, with loads of sweet treats, gifts and desserts floating around! If you’re catering for an I Quit Sugar advocate, or if you simply want to cut down on the refined sugar/fructose, then brown rice syrup is your champion! It’s the sweetener of choice for Sarah Wilson’s sugar-free army, so simply swap it into the recipes that call for a liquid sweetener like this Cacao Chocolate Cake or these deliciously cute Caramel Chia Puddings. Need a salad or potato dressing? Then you need to make Garlicky Aioli.

Mesquite Caramel Chia Pudding

Have you got any great tips or recipes for alternative seasonal meals? Let us know below in the comments section! Or submit one of your favourite recipes to contribute to our Organic Recipes page!

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